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Real estate in Vidzeme

About us

SIA “VIDZEMES ĪPAŠUMI” was founded in 2017.

The company’s main business is real estate purchase and sale transactions in Vidzeme, including preparation, development and subsequent realization of properties and environment existing in poor condition, that are uncared-for or abandoned.

We are always interested in such property offers:

•           farmsteads and buildings in any condition, old homes and buildings in ruins with land,

•           agricultural land and forests in good condition, as well as overgrown agricultural land, scrub, semi or fully developed forests,

•           land in cities and rural areas, including without any communications,

•           any real estate in protected nature areas and reserves, including with building restrictions etc.,

•           illiquid land plots – degraded, floodplain or swampy territories etc.

We are interested to become acquainted with any other real estate offers in Vidzeme.

For further communication with us and for discussion of cooperation offers, please call the number +371 29 120 760 or use the e-mail info@vidzemesipasumi.lv, as well as state your contact information in an accurate manner.